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3 days ago

Everyday Aspergers

According to some researchers, Isaac Newton's brilliant work, obsessive tendencies, and lack of social grace may be signs of the psychological developmental ... ... See MoreSee Less

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Robert Oppenheimer spoke and taught himself 8 languages, wrote poetry and learned physics so fast many couldn’t keep up. Not only the Father of the Atomic Bomb, but Black Holes as well..

I do believe that Newton and Einstein and Darwin and Cavendish and other Enlightenment-era to industrial-era scientists were indeed autistic. Nevertheless, I'm always weary of highlighting them because of the erroneous association in the public mind with autism and genius or savantism. I think a separation between the two is vital as most of us are nothing close to the geniuses these people were, but certainly can relate to much of their observed behaviors. I know I see myself in some very intricate and complex ways being just like Newton, and very much different from him at the same time. Like Newton and even Henry Cavendish, the desire to not attract attention to oneself to the point of publishing work anonymously, spurning the frivolity of any kind of fame, being a perfectionist and throwing away work completed to start over, all of that is exactly like me personally. I've lived with depression much of my life, feeling like a social recluse even though I'm married and have a family. I'm a quiet loner at heart. And yet I'm nothing like the Newton who wished to quarrel with others, the all around inconsiderate jerk. I'm so far from that. In fact, I could use more skills in just being able to defend myself at all.

Florence Nightingale obsessed with statistics and data from a young age.

I get the impression those enlightenment scientists already had a steady private income which gave them freedom to study what they liked. So knowing about them doesn’t help those of us who have to hold down a regular job!

I kind of suspect he was on the spectrum, it will never be proven but I think a lot of us can recognize somethings there.

It's probably completely responsible for it.

I see many autistic people are creative. I often wonder if Michael Jackson was autistic.

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3 days ago

Everyday Aspergers

5 Steps to Effective Workplace Inclusion. Created today for a conference in India later this week. Feel free to share.The 5 A's of Inclusion was created for a presentation to be viewed in India at an autism conference, on the topic of community and autism. The presentation i... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Everyday Aspergers

Recorded for an autism conference in India. The full script can be found at under employment articles.The 5 A's of Inclusion was created for a presentation to be viewed in India at an autism conference, on the topic of community and autism. The presentation i... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Everyday Aspergers

I have spent over 2,000 hours studying diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Wrote this today while working on Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Powerpoint Presentation.

"Our personal identity, who we are and how we see ourselves, what we bring to the table, our personality, choices, and actions, is multifaceted. We are multidimensional as a result of being formulated by multidimensional social constructs. We are multidimensional as a result of codifying our own perception of self based on the outer world. How we interpret self and one another is dependent upon culture. Culture propagates identity and identity propagates culture. Diversity, including neurodiversity, is a byproduct of this interdependent relationship between culture and identity. Inferences formulate differences. These perceived differences, our proclaimed diversities, in turn, affect personal and cultural identity. Diversity is an idea, a codependent, in-bred byproduct of the union between cultural norms and wavering identity. An idea that becomes a living aspect of culture and identity. The idea of diversity, as it grows, emanates personal and cultural beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. Diversity, as a newborn, indigenous construct of culture and identity matures into a parental influencer of cultural norms and identity. As it is, culture and identity are entangled in a cyclic tango that consummates the idea of diversity. This offspring spins out variations in differences, and dictates privilege, power, and opportunity."

Samantha Craft, author of Everyday Aspergers and President of Spectrum Suite LLC
... See MoreSee Less


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Fascinating. I agree. A case in point is the interest and advertising about "finding out what your DNA is" and then processing some medical facts through your cultural identity BELIEFS, hopefully influencing your acceptance of "diversity" in beneficial ways. As you so aptly said "wavering identity". My child was foster/adopted and all written applies to that group also.

Lol just let me focus and work on what I love 🎨🎶🎵✈🇪🇸

As an autistic man I do not experience society or culture and have no perception of self, therefore I disagree with your use of the word 'Our'. What you are describing is what I would associate with the behaviour of people who are not autistic. Additional the blurb above sounds as though it has come off a book cover.

1 month ago

Everyday Aspergers

This is "Professor Tony Attwood - Autism in Females" by Healthed on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. ... See MoreSee Less

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And it is, of course, streaming and so I don't get to see it. Is there a transcript?

Every time I hear him talk it's like he was a secret watcher of my childhood...

This is brilliant description! Please watch this!

Painfully perceptive man. Where can I get info for help for what he talks about?

His books are available and full of good information

This is the first time I've seen a video of him, and now I want to binge-watch him on YouTube. Not only do I like his perspective, but what an awesome speaker.

I really wish I knew more girls with autism.

Wow, so incredibly said, and entertaining as well 😉

Mairead Wallace

So much truth 😁👍🏽

Just ouch.


Jean MacFarlane

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2 months ago

Everyday Aspergers

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TED... ... See MoreSee Less

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"You know how to do it" simply isn't true for everyone. But perhaps we can unlearn self-hatred and learn self-compassion?

2 months ago

Everyday Aspergers

Brendan Myers is the author of thirteen books in fiction and nonfiction. He has taught philosophy at six different institutions in Canada and in Europe, and ... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Everyday Aspergers

Autism discussed briefly hereSimon Baron-Cohen is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is Director of th... ... See MoreSee Less

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Alessandra Freitas Russo

3 months ago

Everyday Aspergers the Extended Version on DVD or Digital Download ➤ Full version trailer ➤ ... See MoreSee Less

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I saw one of your videos on YouTube. I'm having a "Isn't this everyone?" moment. Thanks for the info.

Looking forward to watching.

3 months ago

Everyday Aspergers

A sound explanation of why autism spectrum conditions are under one umbrella now.'s talk is inspired by her recent diagnosis of being on the Autism spectrum, and how this has affected her life. Becky talks about how autism is diagnos...
... See MoreSee Less

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Have to read in morning. Thank you.


lived that but undiagniosed

Should People with Asperger’s Try to Act "Normal?" ... See MoreSee Less


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No way. We.have gifts and should use them.

Love it and sharing all over the world.

If I don't, I won't have a job... and I'm a SPED high school teacher!

they should just be proud of who they are. not what others want them to be. i am very proud of my son and wouldn't change him for the world

I’ve learned the harder I try, the worse it gets.

I have tried to act normal but whenever I do people say I'm acting weird so I can't win lol.

Hell no!!!!!!!!!!

I try. Even knowing I often say the wrong things, I still am misunderstood and taken, not how I meant it.

I've been trying for forty years, I quit.

I refuse to even try to act " normal " I'm autistic and proud of it. Sure my autism doesn't define me as a person but why worry or even care what people think. Screw " neurotypical"

Normal is not looking too good lately. I think more people should just try to be themselves.✌️

What's normal?

I’d be disappointed in myself and my Aspie son if he tried to behave ‘Normal’ what an insult! Aspies are awesome ... who the heck wants to normal ??

What is this “normal” you talk of? I think individuals with Aspergers should be who they are. If they want to be normal that’s their choice but some of us like to be corky and weird! Like me 😬

who wants to be a normie anyway lol

I've noticed that if you just kind of relax and be yourself, and you don't judge yourself or are worrying what others might think of you, and just be your happy self being open to make friendly contact with others without expectations or trying too hard, that comes very, very close to 'acting normal'.

No one is "normal"...So really, they ARE

I am at a point now where it's nearly imperceptible that I'm on the spectrum. I've learned how to make eye contact and nod and smile and learned communication skills through books. It can help you get further in the world yet you also have to be authentic. That means taking time for self care after a long day and practicing Coping skills. I never use my diagnosis as an excuse to be rude.

What is normal 🤔 is there a book for an explanation?...🤔😄🤣

I just want people to understand and to be listened to, my carers don't listen and always assume wrong and I struggle to tell them what I try to because they don't listen so I want to be normal so then they will listen and understand

If I don't learn how too then I'll lose all contact with my kids and possibly lose my partner.

Hell no, be YOU!!!!!!!!

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Do the symptoms of Asperger's and HFA get worse over time? ... See MoreSee Less


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Is there a group in Birmingham West midlands

What about Glasgow ?

They also get much worse in older men, think about retirement as a critical juncture.

It doesn't get worse, you just don't have as much energy to try to continuously hide it. If someone hears me talking to myself, I just don't care anymore.

Better for me

Sometimes symptoms of Asperger's like sensory sensitivities do get worse over time and regression can occur into adult life. It is sad to see how much these so called professionals get wrong about autism.

What about when you're older say approaching menopause?

My Asperger’s was known from a young age but didn’t become as prominent until I graduated high school and entered adult life. I don’t agree with this video. I believe Asperger’s can get better or worse at any time, depending on the individual and their environment and many other factors. The answer isn’t so simple.


The older I become the more respect I am capable of give to the symptoms I experience, we only live once, and I’m not prepared to spend too much more time in situations that really don’t fit with the essence of who I really am.

As Ive gotten older, my “give a da$n” has become busted and take less $hnit off people😄

I find this video distasteful. It's all about training/brainwashing Aspies/ Autistics to conform to NT societal rules. 'Training' us to make eye contact?! Seriously?! All this video advocates is making Autistic individuals create a better mask to hide behind, instead of accepting us for who we are and learning as a society to meet us as equals exactly as you find us.

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Is Therapy Such a Great Idea for People with Aspergers? ... See MoreSee Less


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Not me. It was the most traumatic experience for me and I’m way worse than when I went in.

Therapy is what made me a god

There is little to no therapy in the UK.

Natalie Doughty

The local Mental Health Team tried to refuse undertaking Autism assessments for people here on the grounds that "there's no treatment or support available even if you are diagnosed, so what's the point?" 😡😡

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Tips for Dealing with Judgmental Neurotypicals ... See MoreSee Less


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Great video of tips 🙂

This goes both ways. These are good tips for neurotypicals to use when they are being unjustly and painfully judged by people with Aspergers.

Good advice for everyone dealing with bother people really

Doesn't address the issue of people having the power to make decisions that affect your life - but when their prejudice results in you getting fired - not because of anything you've done but because of their issues and misconceptions - how do you deal with that?

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Longing for Romance: 6 Tips for "Aspies" ... See MoreSee Less


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It is a minefield I am not sure I could ever cross again.

Matthew Azevedo

Remzal Enili -- Lecture by Mark Hutten, M.A. -- Part 1 discusses obsessive thinking among individuals with Asperger's and High-Functi... ... See MoreSee Less

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Definitely obssess over negative events

"Balancing the Energy" During Conversations: A Crucial Skill for People with Asperger's ... See MoreSee Less


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What if you’ve always known this and always worked at balance, but in practice it seldom improves? What particular tools , methods, or cues would you suggest? I’m too old to want to use my limited energy this way anymore. I just accept that my conversations will be as they are- one extreme where I’m less a contributor and the other where I dominate the exchange. but I’m working on becoming a mentor for younger Aspies and am compiling methods and tools. Your post has me curious. Thanks.

Janine: It's best to gauge the other person's preference for a verbal exchange. For example, person A may only contribute 20% to the conversation and prefer that you only contribute 20 % as well - with 60% of the time in silence or reflection. Person B may contribute only 20% to the conversation, but prefer that you contribute the other 80 % or so. This is tricky - and takes effort and practice.

then when it's your turn you don't speak in time and lose your turn in the conversation.

Most of the NTs I know interrupt all the time and steer the conversation away from the case in point - so I either have to dominate the conversation until I get my point across or leave thread after thread of conversation unresolved and feel unsatisfied.

Jane Fleming...these elements are critical

Forty plus years of studying, practising, observing, trial and error and still cannot do this. Can manage short one on one, constantly monitoring for all those little cues, remembering all the trillion rules and trying to evaluate the thought-world of the other, balancing their body language against mine, tonal patterning, pacing and energy. Is exhausting and means you cannot be fully present in the conversation as almost all your attention is on this. Groups are too hard to manage as there is way too much information and calculations to be able to properly navigate. Talking with other autistics is easy as we cue each other up and make the patterns explicit - why can't NTs do this instead of insisting we learn to do what can never be instinctual for us?

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How People with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism Excel Compared to the General Population ... See MoreSee Less


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I'm HFA and proud 😊😊

This is why I usually say we are the the next step in human evolution. Just need a little fine tuning.

Belinda, like I said the other night - evolution 😛

I don't feel like I excel in anything... I'm good at things, but my current predicament makes that moot.

I get so fed up of being treated like a toddler and asked why I haven't got a carer instead of being asked to join in intelligent adult conversations - I wonder what out community would be like with me in it instead of having to live as a dead person, watching my freinds make music.

My son is the smartest person I know!

Unfortunately, there are no support groups near us in Southeastern Massachusetts!

Natalie Doughty

Found this to be very true

Excels yes in a few select areas way above norm, the rest gaping holes.

Shared. Fantastic 😍

Conan Lucas yes very true way above the norm, xx

Paula Fretwell xx

Kelly Taylor xx

Ive always felt alot of empathy for the homeless and people less fortunate than myselfs, to the point ill get teary when i see people begging. Its made me want to start a charity, i have the drive but i dont have the money or courage.

Thank you!! 🙂

Celine Morey the good doctor 😍😍😍 👨‍⚕️

Kg Rosander Ta en titt på videon. Känns det här med fotografi bekant kanske?

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Reasons To Get A Diagnosis: Tips For Adults Who Think They “Might” Have Aspergers ... See MoreSee Less


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Where does one go to get tested. I live in Massachusetts and can't find a place

I would like to know as well who you would go to to get a diagnosis? a psychiatrist?

See your doctor folks and have a chat with then and most of the time with refer you to one shrink who will just go over the main pointd and will either refer you to a special team or say its nothing to worry about and you prob dont have it

Please use caution folks. I read up on it and saw it relates to me so went and saw doctor and got refered to a team. I just wanted to find out if i was the odd one or everyine else was. Turns out i have high functioning almost to the point of being non verbal. I find life very hard as it is and being told its my brain and thats it nothings going to change really caused more issues then it solved.

I think diagnosis is most helpful for those in commited relationships in order to better understand both sides and work together.

u won't...

Best thing that has happened to me in years - getting a diagnosis. My whole life makes more sense now. I was diagnosed 3 days before I turned 47. Are there any support groups for adults with HFA in Brisbane, Australia?

Diagnosis is the thing which is the relief. The NHS dosent have much "help" or funds to offer CBT isn't effective for most with Asburgers as it's like pushing a circular ball into a square hole.... It takes around a Year to get full diagnosis as their services are overstretched. It all does help but not in the way you may think from professionals, you'll do most of the work yourself.

My Psyciatrist blew it off

I have called so many doctors, psychiatrist and anyone else I could think of. They do not test for "functioning' adults in Fl. If you know of someone I would love to talk to them.

I was diagnosed as an adult after 3 of my son’s got diagnosed and I recognised a lot of there symptoms in myself after they told me yes you have Aspergers all of a sudden everything made sense why I find it hard to be around people , why I truly fear anything new and was and still am obsessed with serial killers I loved reading about them from a young age ( mum was a bit worried when I was 8 obsessed with killers)my diagnosis has been the best thing I have ever done for myself I no longer feel weird I am just different I have an amazing memory my husband doesn’t like that because I remember everything every detail right down to what everyone was warring and I highly recommend to anyone thinking about doing it just do it

Erik Moons 😘😘

you can have "aspie" level symptoms and be average intelligence and rock and groan,clicking with severe symptoms and be super high intelligence this page perpetuates the myth that only an "aspie" could have high intelligence please catch up and listen fully to some severely autistic people.

Tried for 2 years to get a diagnosis. No chance here in south Wales UK.

I got diagnosed as an adult. It was great to finally get an answer to why I didn't fit in with other people.

There isn’t an aspergers diagnosis anymore. The medical community has dropped aspergers and now diagnosis as autism spectrum, the spectrum is a wide range of a little bit autistic to very much artistic

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The Blessings of Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism ... See MoreSee Less


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Therese Stelin

Much of this applies to adults as well...

Many NTs have the same positives, they are not specific to Asperger's or HFA, but the deficits/negatives are specific. That's why disorder is better term than differences.

I always tell My son that our autism/Asperger’s is a super power not a disability or disorder! There is nothing negative about it! Sometime we find it hard to comprehend the NT world and life can be challenging but we embrace it and only become stronger people as a result.

YES !!! I LOVE This !!! Is So BEAUTIFULLY True in Our Home !!! Thank U !! :)..xo

I count my Blessings Everyday..I feel the SAME way !!! 🙂

Nicola Vandal

I wouldn't call it a blessing being forced to live alone with no family, no career, no partner, not being taken seriously , in solitary confinement- and I've lost my skills at telepathy so no intimacy any more, ever again.

It's like a life sentence in prison.Some horrid woman told me she hoped I'd live another 50 years- that's 50 years alone and in pain. I asked her if she was a witch and hexing me.

Natalie Doughty

Jessi May

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Lot of them just means be fake. Eye contact is like torture, also small talk. Knowing when and when not... But how should I know it? We don't "feel" it like NT.

James McKay-Pearson x

Easier said than done. Starting a conversation is one thing; keeping it going is something else.

Thank you! 🙂

I really hate small talk, give me an in-depth intelligent conversation and no trouble talking, probably talking too much then getting too excited and then people start backing away :O

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Message to Aspies: Are you afraid to take an honest look at yourself? ... See MoreSee Less


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I'd love to see myself as others see me. But even when I think I do, they tell me that I'm not.

Nope. Why would I be afraid?

This video most likely won't apply to all aspies. I know it doesn't to me. But I'll put my 2 cents in. Positive attitude in any situation can make a big difference in your life no matter how hard it is. I'm sure each and everyone of us have had our own hardships aside from dealing with the dilemmas or symptoms of asp.

James McKay-Pearson x

I hate being seen as a freak and a toddler when I try to believe I'm a woman.

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#3, at your service.

Samantha Straub

Former all 3... these days at peast temporarily my emulator kinda has suppressed all 3...Not worth it. That said definitely more a mix of all 3 once gone(i can easily enjoy being alone and only really crave having my gf nearby otger then that i don't NEED the social to be happy but also can be a MASSIVE social ditz)

There is no treatment needed for there is no disease. We need to learn how to cope with a world not made for us. We need techniques, strategies,and understanding, not drugs.

I'm a bit of all three depending on my sensory difficulties. I've made my own human company so don't really need to leave home for that anymore.

Denise Brancazio

Yes !!!..xo

2/3 mix.

My aspie is definitely #2

50% #1, 50%#2. Not sure these things are really black and white.

Yes very true


My husband is number 1 and I'm number 2

I am mostly number 1 but I avoid, where possible, being with more than 6 people because it exhausts me. I then become a number 1 and need time away from everyone to recover. It would be nice to occasionally take a pill to help cope when I have to be with lots of people.

I am socially awkward I know the basics but putting them into practise is dam near impossible. 31 years of trying so far and still ain't got a clue. Usually get hints and tips but I need to work things out for myself as most of what is said doesn't sound right or they say things and do opposite. Really annoying

I try to hard to be accepted by others, when they fail to reward, in my eyes, my "work", or just do not see it, I then feel resentment, and get angry feelings, which I feel guilty for, then I try harder to be and feel like one of them, but as I just me, I will always fail. I know that I need to at first accept myself as me, before anyone else can, just need to feel other do as well, even if I can never belive it.

Jason Christian

Been misunderstood my entire life, only recently started to look into my own apparent Aspie nature. My lifelong struggles are now starting to make sense. But at 58 years old I now live a very isolated life with no social/emotional support network. I'm glad theres greater understanding these days. It would be nice to be able to function socially. I feel I've missed out on so much throughout my life.

I seem to be a mix of all three somehow.

I used to be #2 when I was at school. It was almost like a 'special interest' to me. But then as I got older, I lost interest in friendships and have been #1 for the last 35 years.

My son may be a mixture. Where can I find help for him he's going to be 27 and is in a depression funk now due to his Aspergers, diagnosed by 2 different doctors so it's not just depression any help would be greatly appreciated we're in Long Island NY

Sarah Whelan


Number 2

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Feeling Like a “Bad” Partner or Spouse in a Relationship Affected by Asperger's ... See MoreSee Less


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I find relationships with NTs difficult. Mostly complete arseholes that refuse to acknowledge my difficulties and told I'm making excuses grrr my opinion.

I find that I feel I am lacking maybe more than my partner thinks of me.

Frank Cockerham

Rob Fenton

Alex Depew Tasha Rinnus

Kimberly Brooks

Vojtěch Kosař

This just said everything for Tj that I have not been able to put to words. Thank you Robynn Michelle we love you guys

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Why the NT Partner's Attempts to "Fix" the Relationship Often Fail ... See MoreSee Less


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I miss having an aspie guy. Its so much easier when you’re both on the spectrum.

I don't understand this video. Can you explain it to me?

I understand the words but not the meaning. Does it mean that NTs find it hard to understand autistic people explaining things?

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With National #AutismAwarenessMonth coming in April, there is no better gift then Autism Asperger's Digest magazine! And it is a perfect time. Get One-year subscription now $19.95, was $29.95! Visit: ... See MoreSee Less

With National #AutismAwarenessMonth coming in April, there is no better gift then Autism Aspergers Digest magazine! And it is a perfect time. Get One-year subscription now $19.95, was $29.95! Visit:

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” — Frederick Douglass ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Autism Asperger's Digest

... See MoreSee Less

Does anyone have any tips on helping your autistic teen to drive? ... See MoreSee Less


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Drivers Ed through a private company. He completed DE then refused to take the driving test for about one year. Finally gave him the choice of getting his license and driving to school or taking the bus to school for his senior year of high school. He chose to get his license as the bus is sensory overload. He has had a few minor issues but nothing we haven’t been able to handle with a phone call from him. He has high anxiety in addition to his ASD.

Permit through state run vocational school and driver training through OVR plus let them do it at their pace when they feel ready. He got it at 21.

Driving involves many skills so make sure he has the basics down first. These include coordination, problem solving, ability to predict, seeing the big picture, being able to adapt and react to the environment, sequencing, understanding the concept of taking turns, etc. Check to see if there are any driving schools in your area that are trained to teach young adults with ASD. In addition to lots of practice time behind the wheel, it’s also a good idea to practice taking the written driver’s test.

Used a private company for lessons. I drove with my son during is time with a learner's permit - I don't yell. He has had several accidents, but has become a very cautious driver. We often quiz him about ways to get to certain places, otherwise he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings. He has developed a habit of leaving for engagements with at least 30 minutes to spare. It helps him not panic at being late.

Empty parking lots are a great place to start. Practice makes perfect.

We found an instructor who taught his autistic grandson. We kind of stepped in it because I never saw something like this advertised. We wrote the driving lessons in to his IEP so the district paid for it and monitored the progress with us. Took twice the normal driving school time. He took the test with a state DNV person that met him at the driving school, avoiding the stress of going to DMV. He didn’t want the license so we waited before moving forward. He’s been driving >a year and is probably better than I am because he concentrates harder.

My son did better learning from other ppl then us.. We made it his choices to his level of comfort ea time. He still doesn't have a license yet hopfully in the next yr or so but he is driving great even w friends and us in the car. Look for places that give him or her the same possible situations on the road without actually being on the road just yet. Ppl in the car family friends ect someone walking in front of the car thwy need to b able to handle things like that wo actually being on the road yet .... test there sensory limits before actually taking it to the real road. There is no reason they cant driv just need to learn and adapt 🙂

They have a special way of teaching it and they will teach you as well. Mine give a stop sign and a yard sale sign the same value. Lol she will be 24 and has no interest. She has had her temps in and off since she was 16. When she is read...i hope

My son has no interest whatsoever; to anxious and nervous ( too many sensory stimulation going on ). Good luck to yours

My 16 yr old son doesn’t even want his permit! I talked to the school and had drivers ed moved to next school year. I don’t know what to do myself.

following my daughter is 17...high fear is compete melt downs in a car

We've taken our 16 yr old on dirt roads but nit pushing for him to get a license until he's ready or absolutely needed.

I plan on having my oldest practice in our business parking lot on evenings and weekends. He's only 15, but a bit apprehensive about taking on driving yet. We're going to be lovingly persistent, but not pushy. I'm sure in time, he'll be ready, but I certainly don't want to add to his anxiety.

Perhaps starting with the road rules and teaching kids about listening to the engine noise is a good start. If you understand how the car works, it helps. Everyone thinks it’s a lot easier than it actually is to pay attention to traffic and co-ordinate legs/arms. Bit of OT crossing over the midline too perhaps. Good luck 😉

My son is 21 and he's terrified but my 17 year old has his permit . He has autism as well. He hasn't driven yet. I'm curious to see how well he does.

Most of the ones I know do not want to drive, and/or cannot make the snap decisions that must be made while driving. I know several personally that were pressured into getting it, and then never drove again.

We used a private company and moved up in tiny steps from parking lot to neighborhood to streets that were 35 to country highways. Waited over 2 years to do interstate driving and again hired a private company.

Our son was tutored by OVR(occupational vocational rehab) and we got him private driving lessons. It took some time and expense but was well worth it. He got his license at age 19.

let him or her tell you when he or she is ready - don't push it

For those of you who did private school or OV R do they accompany to the dmv for license how does it work ?

Thanks for the info, my son has been asking me too and he is 16 yrs old.

Driving school!


Gersh Autism Education has a Drivers Ed program called S.T.A.R.R where they restructured their driving program to make it easier for students with autism to receive their license. Just last week 2 more students received their license!

We are struggling with this issue with 17yr old. Following.

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DIY Sensory Bottles for Kids!If your child has sensory processing issues, ADHD, or a tendency to get overexcited, a sensory bottle may help. It’s a tool that can help kids self-regulate.... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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JUST A REMINDER, our movie is now available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes! Thanks (as always) for the support. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Temple Grandin School watched it yesterday! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us all!

My husband and I watched this a couple of nights ago. We just kept saying yes, oh man, that's going to be Blaze. Lol. I see our son Blaze so much in you guys. He's 9 now and I can't wait to see what he does with his life!! He made a joke last night, in context, and I had to video it. He's loving humor and sometimes he tells jokes but we don't really get what's supposed to be funny because he's so literal. But he will laugh and laugh. We love it.

Loved it. You guys are so funny and I just love that there is a place I can send folks that can give insight on what it can be like to have Aspergers. 🙂

Moch Antonio Cruz esta en netfilx

James Potter it's on Netflix.

Going to watch it tonight!

Fabulous film!

This resonated so much!! Thank you!

Michele Iacobelli

Thank you. I have learned so much.

I bought it Friday on Amazon. Awesome!

Love Noah's music! Something about the way he sings reminds me of Johnny Cash. 🙂

Thanks so much for making this available on Netflix. Such a wonderful documentary! Every Aspie should have a "Noah" as a mentor....

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1 years ago

Asperger's Are Us Documentary

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Love love love the film. Keep being awesome, you guys. Just checked out your website. Loved the FAQ section 😂 I hope I have the opportunity to see you perform live sometime!

I'd come see you in Bloomington or Indianapolis!

What about Austin, Tx?

We'd love to perform in any city, do you have any idea where would pay us enough to make it worth the trip?

Need a stocking stuffer? Last chance before Christmas!
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Gracias, lo voy a pedir.

Denis Souza, vamos assistir?

Michele Lapp Rehmer

1 years ago

Asperger's Are Us Documentary

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1 years ago

Asperger's Are Us Documentary

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We hope you enjoyed our documentary! Help spread the word by telling us what you thought and tagging a friend. 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

We hope you enjoyed our documentary! Help spread the word by telling us what you thought and tagging a friend. :D


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I haven't watched it yet as I am waiting for my 16 year old son who has Aspergers to get here for the Christmas break and we are going to watch it together as a family. We are excited!!!

I can't watch it until it comes to Netflix 🙁 waiting.. waiting..

I just watched it and I enjoyed it.

There is a movie? I did not know their was a movie. Ill have to 'check it out' 😁

At Temple Grandin School, we are watching it as a whole school with discussion after on December 13th!

Love it totally enjoy it

As an Aspie I loved this film even my NT wife really got something from this. Well done guys you rock.

Really loved the film! You guys are amazing and incredibly funny.

Loved and all of you, looking forward to sharing with my son, thank you guys 💙

You guys are hilarious! My husband and I couldn't stop giggling 😂

son geniales!

Great film. It's cool that each of you continue to remain in contact. Friendships gradually end as adult life takes over. The conversation between Noah and New Michael's father made me emotional. I'm glad his parents decided to attend the show and I hope he knows that regardless of where life takes him, they will always be proud. Excellent work, guys.

Just watched it! I loved it.

I adore it. Jack is my hero 🙂

Watched it. Loved it. Sharing it with my family and friends!

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Check out this awesome interview by Alex Plank (founder of Wrong Planet) with our Exec. Producer Mark Duplass and Director Alex Lehmann!Alex Plank interviews Mark Duplass and Alex Lehmann about Asperger's Are Us, their documentary about the first all-autistic comedy troupe. The film is out in... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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Order ASPERGER'S ARE US on DVD exclusively at Amazon!
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Order ASPERGERS ARE US on DVD exclusively at Amazon!


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Teodora Sagaon, te la pido amiga??????

Si amiga 🙏


Opal Grubb, Jan Covington Rogers they are going to have it on DVD now. 😊

Way to go, guys!!!

Carmen Navarro it's on Amazon

Watching tonight

My 13yr with Aspergers saw the trailer for this, and wants it so bad! I'll have to snag it before christmas.

Laurie Brayton Acconcio a Christmas present for hunter?

Patricia Rios Angulo

Enrique Bejar order this

No Blu-Ray? Oh well, still better than that digital crap.

Riley Farrar

Areli Sirikit Rosales.

Phil Carpenter Christmas gift idea for your wifey

Katie Hill

Such fun! Loved it😊

Laura Sawyer, Lisa Battersby Fernandez, Charlene Milillo

Just pre ordered my copy

Mmmmmm .ass burgers.

I need this

Wish I could afford this. I am autistic but live in disability (SSDI) so it doesn't leave much after bills and food.

Sara Light did you get this?

Brandy Andrew Misty Andrew

Laura Watson I don't know if you have heard of these guys but they are so amazing and such an inspiration! Thinking of the three of you and sending my love your way.

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This is awesome! Keep spreading the word everybody. 😀 Our movie is available now on iTunes and Amazon VOD. DVD and Netflix soon!

Today Show
WATCH: These four friends have been making people laugh since 2010.
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I'll be watching it as soon as it comes out on Netflix.

Elizabeth Daly 😂

I watched this last night. I laughed, cried and enjoyed every minute. Thank you for sharing your moments. You all have amazed me with your spirit for life. 💜

I'm sharing with my son. Thank you. Does anyone know what Asperger's camp they are referring to?

Mandy Jividen Skaggs

ChristinaBrad berry have you seen this.

Tyrel Borowitz you're on The Today Show!

i can relate so much to the touching part. i hate it when people put their damn hands on me. they don't get why i'm a brick wall. such a great film.

Page Lajoie Thibault Have you seen these guys!/site? I love them/it!

I bought it and loved it. Thank you!! 🙂💙

I bought it and watched it last week! You guys rock! Loved your honesty and sharing and omg y'all are funny

Can't wait til it comes on Netflix

Yey Netflix!!

Hey folks, just a reminder that the DVD is now available to pre-order exclusively on Amazon. Just in time for Christmas. 🙂

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Release week is going strong! 😀 Thank you all for your continued support of our documentary! ... See MoreSee Less

Release week is going strong! :D Thank you all for your continued support of our documentary!


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LOVE THE MOVIE? Follow the guys and see what they're up to at Asperger's Are Us!

Alexander it's on iTunes & amazon video

& Netflix next month 😊

Cool! I'll have to check it out, although if I have to pay, I might as well wait till it's on Netflix coz it'll be free then. You probably didn't want to know all that, but there we have it. XD

Lol Awesome I'm going to probably watch it on Netflix too I'm excited to see it

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Our documentary (currently #2) has cracked the iTunes Top 50! 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

Our documentary (currently #2) has cracked the iTunes Top 50! :D


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Yay! I loved this! I am a mom to a young son who is 4 and was diagnosed with ASD almost 2 years ago. All of these guys are such an inspiration and beacon of hope. All four so different but connected together and sharing their journey. It was a joy to watch and I instantly wanted to see more.

It's here! 😀 ASPERGER'S ARE US is now on iTunes & Amazon VOD! ... See MoreSee Less

Its here! :D ASPERGERS ARE US is now on iTunes & Amazon VOD!


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Just watched it and loved it gave me hope as a mother of a 12 year old boy with Aspergers I hope when he watches it that it inspires him to do what he want and to be who he wants to be xxx

Bought it!! If you are interested in networking with other comedians with Aspergers, check out my friend Adam Schwartz who wrote and performed a critically acclaimed fringe comedy to sold out crowds 🙂

Yay! I can't wait to check it out!

Can't get it here in NZ yet :/ will wait in anticipation !! Well done guys 🙂

Otan Omith Davon Collins Kei Koshigaya Tyler Lucas

Can't wait to see it! I've been wondering and waiting to show my son!

Nubia Mason

Im excited! Fills my heart with joy

Are there any other ways to watch this besides on iTunes??

Only in the American store?


I can't wait to watch this!!

Going to get it for my younger aspie son. He's in college and genius smart but painfully shy. My older son, also aspie is going to be 35 next week but genius smart and lucky he found his niche. He's involved in the post punk music scene and had a magazine and now an e-zine and lives in Berlin. Totally popular and has tons of friends. I used to think he'd be living at home forever and staying in bed most of the time while still eating only chicken nuggets and pizza. It nearly killed me but the end result is awesome! He frequently apologizes for being such a pain in the butt, but I told him clearly there was a good reason I was his mom, and we weathered it together. And.....there's that love thing!

Josue Rojas

I don't have an iPhone or iPad

Love these guys

Rachel Tetchner Rachel Rae Brown Michelle Love Edwards Liz Ellenor Liz Melia Rachel Tetchner Ellie Davies Moore Mel Rees Gina Gould Mackie Gina Hewitt x

Zach Cassner

Ben Franklin had aspergers

So does Darryl Hanna and Dan Aykroyd. And my AMAZING SON.

Arnold Olivarez

Bj Miller-Ketterman

Downloading now - looking forward to watching it later!

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Who's ready to see ASPERGER'S ARE US!? ... See MoreSee Less

Whos ready to see ASPERGERS ARE US!?


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I love yous guys!!!!! Loves and support from Meridian Mississippi

Hi! I live in the UK and came across your film via a support group I'm in. I will be ordering it tonight 😊 I can't wait to see it.xx

I tried to pre order but it's not available in the Australian market!! Will it be?

We live in Illinois what time will it be on iTunes?

it's on iTunes now!

Yeah I saw were you posted it. Didn't know that it costs and I don't know how to download stuff so I guess I won't get to see it

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ASPERGER'S ARE US releases on iTunes in 3 days! Pre-Order Now! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

ASPERGERS ARE US releases on iTunes in 3 days! Pre-Order Now! :)

1 years ago

Asperger's Are Us Documentary

Asperger's Are Us Documentary
Pre-Order on iTunes TODAY and watch it Tuesday, Nov. 15th!
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7 days till release! iTunes. November 15. Mark it down! ... See MoreSee Less

7 days till release! iTunes. November 15. Mark it down!


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So excited for the release - and it's the day of my son's birthday who shares the same diagnosis!

Looks awesome can't wait

Hey folks, the DVD is now available to pre-order exclusively on Amazon. Just in time for Christmas! 🙂

Nov. 15 is coming fast! Who's ready!? ... See MoreSee Less

Nov. 15 is coming fast! Whos ready!?


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I'm very interested! Is this documentary Coming up in a theater, please I need info I would love to see it with my aspie son 😉 we live in L.A

DVD is now available to pre-order exclusively on Amazon. Just in time for the holidays. 😀

Go ahead. Ask. ... See MoreSee Less

Go ahead. Ask.


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That's really funny. Took me a minute LOL

To buy this shirt:

I have one :p


Just bought one for my son, he is on the spectrum.

Lmao! My son struggles with horrible social anxiety right now but he'd LOVE this shirt!

This is absolutely hilarious. Highest form of comedy.

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4 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

Mark your calendars for this monthly meeting offered by Autism Tulsa.

Autism Tulsa Monthly MeetingNov 13, 6:30pm5925 E 51st St S, Tulsa, OK 74135-7703, United StatesAutism Tulsa meets every 2nd Monday of every month (October-May) at the Park Plaza Church of Christ. Childcare will be available for all ages. Please RSVP for childcare with Lindsi Hancock at
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Autism Tulsa Monthly Meeting

5 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

Australian Story
Tony Attwood doesn’t see Asperger’s syndrome as a drawback but as an asset.

The renowned professor has written the “bible” on the autism spectrum disorder and has helped thousands of people around the world.

‘Found in Translation’ Monday 8pm #AustralianStory

Minds and Hearts Events Autism Queensland AutismTalk Autism Awareness Autism Speaks Asperger's Syndrome Awareness ASD Asperger's Support Group Autism Association of Western Australia Autism Mum Tips & Ideas Aspergers Support Network Spectrum Autism Centre of Excellence, Griffith University Asperger's Parent Connect
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6 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

We need your support! Please watch the video, share it, and consider donating for a great cause. Oklahoma needs to join 48 other states in adding a program such as this.

Lead Learn Live
Help us start the first inclusive college program in Oklahoma for kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities! We are one of only two states without a program – that needs to change....and you can help us!! Donate today at
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9 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health?
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Happy Mother's Day!

A Special Community
"I hope you realize the impact you have." <3 #Moms #AutismAwareness
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10 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

LAST CALL for TEMPLE GRANDIN tickets in Tulsa, OK April 21, 2017! We look forward to meeting all of you next Friday. Register: #Autism #TEMPLEGRANDIN #Aspergers #TULSATEMPLE #TULSA #OKLAHOMA #SEANBARRON #JEDBAKER -- The most famous person with autism: Dr. Temple Grandin has served as inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism. In this unique presentation, Sean Barron and Dr. Jed Baker join Temple to speak on Autism and Asperger's. Continuing Education Credits for the following associations: ASHA, APA, AOTA, an ASWB ... See MoreSee Less


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11 months ago

Asperger Mom Network

Perfect in your house!
Get yours here:, & P.hone case available.
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1 years ago

Asperger Mom Network

My kiddo got one of these for Christmas. Loves it!

Slack Toys
Know Someone With Autism? This toy is going to help!

Grab It Here >>
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1 years ago

Asperger Mom Network

January MOMS Meeting!
6:30 tonight (Thurs 1/5/17)

Panera on 71st street (11123 E. 71st.)
Basically 71st and Garnett

No childcare, so moms only please!January MOMS Meeting!

Panera on 71st street (11123 E. 71st.)
Basically 71st and Garnett at 6:30 tonight (Thurs 1/5/17)!

No childcare, so moms only please!
... See MoreSee Less

January MOMS Meeting!
6:30 tonight (Thurs 1/5/17)

Panera on 71st street (11123 E. 71st.)
Basically 71st and Garnett

No childcare, so moms only please!

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1 years ago

Asperger Mom Network

Happy 2017!

Please note we will be meeting at Panera on 71st street (11123 E. 71st.) Basically 71st and Garnett at 6:30 tonight! We wanted to get back to a venue that has food!

No childcare is available.

Asperger/Autism MOMS GroupJan 5, 6:30pmPanera BreadHappy 2017!

Please note we will be meeting at Panera on 71st street (11123 E. 71st.) Basically 71st and Garnett at 6:30 tonight! We wanted to get back to a venue that has food!

No childcare is available.
... See MoreSee Less

Asperger/Autism MOMS Group

The MOMS meet tomorrow!
New location:
Martin Regional Library, 26/Garnett
No childcare, so moms only please.
... See MoreSee Less

We meet this Thursday at 6:30p.m.
Martin Regional Library, 26/Garnett
No childcare, so moms only please.
... See MoreSee Less

No meeting tonight.
We are working on a new location for next month's meeting. Stay tuned!
... See MoreSee Less

Sorry, no meeting for October.
Hope to see you all in November!
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5 months ago

Aspergers Central

Hey guys.. i haven't posted here for quite a while so i thought I'd touch base, and also to let you guys know I've decided to step aside from being an admin of Asperger Central indefinitely, and in case anyone is wondering, no I'm not ok.. Depression, as most of you would know, is a barstad of an illness to live with, and it's something I've always struggled with but never more so than the last 6 weeks, so its partly why I'm stepping aside from this awsome page and attempt to deal with the things that are troubling me.. Not sure if I'll be back but if not then thank you all for being good to me and thank you for allowing me to be of some if any help to you and those you love.
Peace 👌

🙂 James 🙂
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My favorite saying in life is, This too shall pass. Please reach out to loved ones or therapists to help you. Hoping you will change your mind. Aspergers Central has meant a lot to many people. Take care of yourself!

God bless! There's light at the end of the tunnel. We aspies have our ups and downs but we get through it somehow. Just find in each moment what makes you happy, living in the moment instead of worrying about what might happen or what has happened. We cant control other people but we can control how we react to them. Its a struggle but as for me my religion has gotten me through everything.

Safe journey Craig. It's a bastard isn't it. But one step at a time as you said. Xx

Strength mate. One foot in front of the other (said to self daily), and huge appreciation for your efforts and help. Look after what you need to do for your own health and happiness.

Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better... it's OK to take time for yourself 🙂

Hello, Thanks for leaving this page up here, there are a lot of things that have helped me be a better therapist helping people on the spectrum who have depression and anxiety. There really is so much that can help!!

Sending good juju! Aspergers & depression is a really a bitch of a doozie. That combo can take even the strongest folks down for a bit, but you will bounce back! 💌

Do what you need to do for yourself. I'll miss you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry to hear of this. Thinking and praying for you and hoping you get back to feeling better soon. Depression is such an awful beast.

Good luck mate, all the best. Stay strong and keep thinking of the positives 😎

Everyday just do what you can. It is always more than enough. Take care!

Take care of you mate and take the time u need for yourself 👍💪💪💪

Can we help James?please tell us, you have friends out here in this world!!!!

Wishing you well. I hope things get better for you very soon.

you will be missed it is okay to take care of your self



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8 months ago

Aspergers Central

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Hi, I know a person in late 20's who may have Asperger. The family had gone through lot of trouble during the last few years. The family and the person may not know symptoms of Asperger. I want to know if directly that person can be told about Asperger? Can someone help me on this? Regards.

Isn't that father's day?

8 months ago

Aspergers Central

... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

Aspergers Central

... See MoreSee Less


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Absolutely!!! 👍❤️💜❤️👍

10 months ago

Aspergers Central


All 140ml Putty's and Slimes listed below are only $7.00 with FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide!

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