Defending Against Bullying, teach us how


I recently re-blogged a post written by the Autistic Academic in response to an article called 10 Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying benicar dosage.  This article is trying to put across the ludicrous idea that  being bullied will build character and propagate the learning and development of life skills.  But I am not here to critique this article, many have already done an extremely good job of that.  What I’m here to discuss is something that nobody appears to have attempted to do, which is, teach people the necessary verbal skills required to adequately defend themselves from bullies.

During High School, I was a target for bullies and this primarily consisted of teasing, general name-calling and other verbal taunts.  The only strategy I was ever taught was to ignore their remarks, even though every fibre of my being was telling me to fight back there was an overriding mantra going around in my head of “that’s wrong, just ignore it and walk away”.  This is not a bad message to impart, but for somebody with autism other skills and knowledge need to be provided, such as the ability to judge a situation and know when it is appropriate to fight back.  Another problem that I certainly had with defending myself from verbal bullying was that I couldn’t process their remarks fast enough to form a quick and snappy response, because of my difficulties with language processing and I imagine that there many others on the Spectrum have experienced similar difficulties.

To conclude if these are to be taught successfully then they need to be delivered in a safe environment by somebody who has a real understanding of autism and knows that if taught correctly these skills and successfully acquired and utilised.  Also, these skills need to be taught now not just because of the occurrence of bullying within schools and other environments but also because of the prevalence of cyber-bullying.  The final point I want to make is that by having these skills that will allow someone to adequately defend themselves against verbal bullying and advance their language skills.

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