How DSA Helped Me


This is a brief post I decided to write after seeing a tweet asking how Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) helped myself and other students whilst at University.

Studying at University was always a goal I had from being very young.  I also knew that there would be tasks I would require some additional help and support with.

  • Note tasking
  • Organising
  • General Study Skills
  • Processing \ remembering information

Having access to DSA allowed me access to the following support and resources:

  • Note takers
  • Study skills tutor
    • Help me with research
    • Structuring assignments
  • Equipment
    • Laptop computer including software applications such as Microsoft Office and others software to support me with my studies.
    • Digital recorder / Dictaphone to record my lecturers

In addition to equipment and resources listed above I was also given additional time, rest breaks and the use of a computer during my exams.  All of this made the course I was studying easier and removed a lot of the difficulties I might have experienced had I not had access to the DSA.

As a result of having access to DSA I didn’t just complete but I also graduated with 2:1 Bachelor of Science Degree.  After graduation I then went to gain a Master of Science degree, both in Computing.

If it wasn’t for DSA and the equipment and support it provided for me I don’t think I would have achieved a 2:1 and therefore have been able to study my Masters.

That is how DSA helped me and how I hope it has helped many others who needed it.

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