Making Decisions Is Difficult


If there is one thing in life I really dislike having to do, it is making decisions.  It is the one aspect of life that I really struggle with and find stressful and as a result, the fewer I have to make the better.


Depending on the scenario, making a decision can be harder to do when there is more information available for consideration.  For example, accepting a new job offer is a decision I find the most difficult to make.  When I’ve accepted a new job I do always think, have I made the right decision?  Will this be the right workplace for me? Will I be able to do the job? Is the commute going to be too much?

Point two is the real reason why I personally find decisions hard to make is because I don’t know if I have made the right decision.  I admire people who can make decisions quickly and at times on the behalf of others.   Yet at the same time, I don’t understand how somebody can make a big decision and not have any apprehension about whether the decision they’ve made is the correct one or not when there are so many unknowns.

It is the amount of unknowns involved in decision-making that causes difficulty.  I have found this to be particularly true with one everyday task and that is cooking.  My Wife knows how much I struggle with this kind of task and as a result, she does the cooking but I do assist her as much as I can.

As I have always found making decisions difficult I have adopted various strategies to assist me in making the correct choice when there are a lot of unknowns involved, which include:

  • Writing down the pros and cons (although sometimes that makes the decision even harder).
  • If I believe it is something I could do myself I will learn how to do it.
  • If it is something I can’t do myself I will try and amass as much knowledge as I can.

There are many decisions that have become easier to make because I do them so often and that has allowed me to development skills around situational judgement.   But I still prefer being faced with a decision where the right one is obvious or has fewer unknowns.

Articulating in written form how difficult making decisions are for somebody with Aspergers Syndrome feels just as difficult as trying to make the correct decision.

I know that nobody can make the right decision without making a few wrong ones. But I feel that on the whole I may the wrong decision more often than the right one.

As a result I don’t feel confident making decisions a lot of the time. It is one aspect of life that I don’t feel I was very well supported in, especially when it came to big, life altering decisions (except for getting married).

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post it is the one aspect of life that I really struggle with.

Thank you for my little rant over the last couple of paragraphs. I hope you enjoy reading what I have written.

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