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Parent Support For Children with Asperger

Parent Support For Children with Asperger

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Many kids with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism have a flat affect. Their facial expressions are fixed or “artificial” in appearance instead of naturally animated. The youngster may not laugh or smile unless cued to do so in an appropriate situation, or he may appear to have a collection of rehearsed or “canned” reactions to match certain circumstances. ==> ... See MoreSee Less


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anyone like this as much as me

I did not know it had a name. Flat affect... hmm. We have that very often in our house. Lol Don't think I like the name though

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lost for words.. another aha moment.

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Michael Dickinson

Trace Elizabeth Norton

Paul Avella

Ryan Sparks


Robert Keane

Sarah Bray

Matt Carman

Joshua Anderson - so true for liam

Kevin Brown

This made me feel sad. My son was set up and wound up by peers constantly in junior school, all because they knew he would erupt and it amused them.

Chad Vechinski

Clement Poon

That has happened to my grandson as well

Shahrukh Malik this is what my daughter suffers from

Brett J Kerr

So true for my daughter

Jenny Walker

Shannon Heard

Jordan Brown I thought this was good info

Kimya Piper

Simon Spitzbarth

This is my daughter ❤

Kelly Dyson, this sight has some good stuff

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The Struggles in Adolescence for Teens on the Autism Spectrum ... See MoreSee Less


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Struggle is very real , so hard to deal with a 19 year old hating on us so much and hard to deal with his defiance

Tell me about it, age 14 definitely has to be the worst age so far..and I thought 3 was bad!

I find there is a lot of negative self talk...but it seems to happen in school doubt to escape doing work.

Dimitri Heesbeen!

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Difficulties in Physical Education Class for Kids on the Autism Spectrum ... See MoreSee Less


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ugh, my poor little man (12 yr old) started his PE class this trimester, and is having a hard time... "why can't I run fast, why can't I keep up? why aren't I strong?" 🙁 breaks my poor mama heart... I HATE the system the coach has for grading, but my little man is putting forth his best effort

Mary Palacios Castillo

We were able to get our 14 year old daughter adaptive PE through her IEP for several years now. This has been a blessing! She participates in an after school training circuit that is structured so she knows what to expect. She also does physical therapy to develop her knee strength and coordination.

My son had a horrible time in team sports! He likes swimming, but lacked the stamina for swim team. We've found that golf has been perfect for him. He takes lessons once a week with a great instructor, and he gets to focus on the immediate task at hand instead of all the rules, changes and chaos of team sports.

My 14 year old son has been in bowling for three years (I think) now. It has been great for him. Very supportive staff, good sportsmanship and a team that has been low competition. He goes to competitions with the team and has done well but they are elective.

Spot on!

Great info thank you. My son's gym teacher does not understand this!

Brilliant information. It could almost be written for my child... other kids are mean and go against rules on purpose to get a reaction from her.. she has left sports she enjoyed because of this and the lack of control by coaches. Our ASD kids should be graded by the school on a diff criteria to NT kids, same as you would a child with (e.g) a physical disability. My child loves sport but needs to be allowed to enjoy it for her not how great she should be ( thats coming from a very sporting mama!) X

I wish they had these options when I was a kid.

Fahmi Ismail this explain qawiy's hate of PE day..

My son’s PE teacher failed him in 9th grade even after I had a meeting with him about S having AS and Dyspraxia.

Try having an Aspie with Congenital Heart defects...Not only does my 11 year old deal with all stated in the video but also cannot run or participate in contact sports which causes him to be singled out as the "sick weird kid" 😔it really hurts my heart ....the fact that our children "appear neurotypical" on the outside and no one takes the time to realize (in school) that they need a little extra explaining or simplified tasks. It's disheartening.

Yep, PE will probably be the only class that keeps my son from making honor roll.

I am speechless. Child had hypotonia- no one not even Childrens Hospital could explain why he can't lift himself on monkey bars. He was tested for IEP and did not qualify- because yes he shows signs of ADHD and gifted AS- but he gets straight As I am putting 1+1 together - he needs assistance and no one knows a thing-they just type into a laptop as I speak, and never look up. Makes sense now I know where the low muscle tone comes from. Exhausted

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The Silent Bullying of Asperger's and HFA Kids ... See MoreSee Less


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yes around 3rd grade when kids start to break off into cliques.thats when it began for my son.....

What options do they have other than taking them out and homeschooling? Public schools not equipped to deal with it.

My son and another special needs child were forced to fight each other by a group of 12-15 boys. If they didn’t, they were told they would be beaten up by these boys. The school suspended my son and the other victim for 5 days. My husband and I spoke with the school Dean who told us that according to the video proof, they mutually wanted to fight each other. We then took it to the principal, who after investigating, realized that my son was telling the truth. Now these boys are after my son for getting them in trouble—hazing of special needs children is against the law. My son will now have a taxi to and from school to help keep him safe. The school has been put on high notice that as parents, we will not accept any more bullying or hazing from this gang. Makes my stomach sick that these kids would force these two boys to fight AND video tape it 😡😡😡

My boy (now 15)does martial arts. Not only does it teach kids how to defend themselves but it gives them self confidence,self worth as well as helps with ability to focus in class. He had a group of three boys harass him for the first year or so of junior high then one day they tried to hang him over a balcony but he fought back hard ,as you would when scared,managing todo some damage. Was suspended from school briefly but he has mostly been left alone since,no longer an easy target. But like i said it's about a lot more than the ability to hit back.

My son is diagnosed with aspergers but he does not play. He would never stand for someone bullying him and he also would never stand for seeing someone get bullied. Love that about him.

My son was bullied for 7 years at 3 different schools. School did nothing. I finally just pulled him out when it was time for middle school. He's doing so much better with homeschooling. Totally different kid.

So true!

So what can be done!!!... ps. It's parents worse feeling this video confirms my fear ... and who ever put it together the selection of music😲😲😲... made my anxiety act up... seriously what can be done ?

Inha Lu

Heart breaking....

Danny Ray Stevenson

Omg. I cannot even begin to imagine the craziness that would overcome me if my child was going through this. I had a teacher text me to tell me my child got in trouble. Just that, set me off!!! My kiddo had told me about him so I knew they were not seeing eye to eye but when I received a text to my personal phone. It got real!!! Even teachers are capable of being bullies

It happens to adults too. Even in families. This is why many of us don’t get close to people or choose to date. It’s a path to getting hurt, and we don’t want that again...

Schools are dead set like jail grounds!

Sadness for all disabled children, know it's true, seen it, it breaks your heart, especially being a parent.

My son (who is 5) told me yesterday that the other kids laugh at him. So thats why he growls at them.... 😑

Beck Ra

Its really a shame when the bullying comes from adults and parents turn from their kids because they can't deal with them.

I put it to the school that they were allowing a disabled child to be bullied and they changed their tune real quick.

My son has HF Autism and gets picked on by other peers. I feel like whenever he stands up for himself he's the one that always gets into trouble and not the kids doing the bullying. My son is 9 and in the 4th grade but is the size of a 12 year old. I feel like these kids want to see how far they can push him before he snaps. I have always told him if any of them touch you that you have the right to defend yourself.

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Asperger's and Feeling Out of Place in the World ... See MoreSee Less


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Dais Arnold

My son has aspergers.he has alot of trouble making friends.

Maddie Daniels xx

Lack of Demonstrated Empathy in Kids on the Autism Spectrum ... See MoreSee Less


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Great description

This is a really good explanation of this issue for Aspie kids. Thank you.

Megan Lask

This is a great explanation

Wow Indy to a T

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